Keagan - The Portal.

My scowl deepened as Club pushed back my hair, revealing my burning cheeks. I shook my head, dislodging the hair from where he had tucked it behind my ear, looking away.

"Stupid old lady.." I grumbled. Then I smiled, and when Club was looking away, stifling a giggle, I pulled the clips from his hair, causing it to tumble forward. "Oh, what a pretty young lady you are Club! Why don't we get you a lovely gown to wear?"

Giving me a death glower, Club snatched back his clips, fastening his hair back again.

"If you don't want me to call you a girl, you know what to do..." I brandished the scissors.

"NO!" He yelled, backing away. I advanced on him, snipping at thin air with the scissors. "NO! I SAID NO!" He yelled. Suddenly, my eyes, widened and my eyebrows shot up as I saw an amazing swirl of rainbow colours appear behind Club. He was about to walk into it..

"Um.. Club?" I said quietly, staring at the colours as they swirled, faster and faster, until they blurred into one huge black void.

"What?" He snapped.

"Um.. you should probably look beHIND YOOOOU!" I yelled as someone pushed me and we both went tumbling through the swirl, the vortex.. The Portal. The instant I thought it, I knew it was the truth. We hurtled through black space, me on top of Club, and then suddenly, we smacked into the ground, falling in a heap. Stunned, I slipped into unconsciousness...

The End

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