Club- The Cut...or not

The next day, I waited by the bench as Keagan told me to. I wondered where she was sleeping, but my mind couldn't dwell on such matters because she was fast approaching with a pair of very large scissors in her hands.

'It's gotta go.' She sighed, raising her evil weapon like a talon.

'No way!' I cried.


'Then what?' I asked suspiciously, giving her a narrow-eyed look. She coughed, blushing a little before regaining herself.

'Then you should really work on sounding like a guy.' She smirked, 'you have a chick's voice.'

'No! No I do not!' I shouted, pouting.

'Jesus... everything you do is girl-like! Puffing out your lips, flicking your hair... oh my god... do you actually have clips in your hair?!'

I looked away, going red, I put a fist to my mouth, 'they're hidden by the hat.'

'No, they really aren't.' She snickered, reaching out to pull them out of my hair.

'Oh sorry!' Some old crone squawked as she bashed into my back

'Hey-- woah!' I grunted, breaking off with a squeak and I fell over... on top of Keagan.

'Iyaaa!' Keagan squealed in a very un-Keagan-like manner, trying to push me away with her fists.

I rolled off of her, grunting as I smacked my head on the benches leg. I glanced at Keagan to see her face glowing pink. I felt my eye brows shoot up.

'Are you blushing!?' I asked in a shocked voice, she looked at me, then flipped her hair over her face, it seemed she used this fine, silken curtain as a wall to escape any danger.

'No! I'm not!'

The End

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