Club- Grumpy Hearts

'Hey! I said sorry!' I shouted as Keagan swirled around, with a flick of her hair in my face, and flounced off in the opposite direction.

'It's fine!' She snapped, 'I don't need help from a girl like you!'

I froze, then a large scowl crossed my face and I puffed out my cheeks in frustration. Why was this girl... so... so... ARGGGG!!!

'You were ugly anyway!' I yelled, furious and stomped off towards the park. A few people gave me looks that implied they thought I was insane(which I am not) and I had to shout at them to scare them away... probably making my look more crazy than they thought I was.

People must not recognize me... Has it really been this long since I'd gone out for a walk around town.

I flopped down on a bench, sighing and tilted my head back into the sunlight.

I thought we would be like Ace and Dia... but there is no chance in hell that's going to happen. She's such an idiot! Is it really that hard to see I'm a boy? Do I look that much like a girl that every man I meet swoons over my face and everytime I talk to someone, I'm mistaken for a women?

Okay, I take it back. I wish I did have a guys face rather than a chicks! Having a male body and a female head is just plain wrong.

Maybe if I found Keagan again, she could teach me how not to seem feminine, because she seems to excel at that...

The End

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