Keagan - Club

I stood, bewildered as Club strode away, an angry scowl marking his face. It took me only a second to decide what to do. I charged after him as fast as I could.

"Hey! Club! Wait for me!" I yelled, upping my pace as he upped his. After a good five minutes of running full pelt, I managed to get in front of him. "Club, I'm sorry. I'm new here, I have no idea what I'm meant to do or say. Help me out a little, would you? I need a guide." He scowled at me.

"Why should I help you?" He scoffed. "I have better things to do with my time."

"Just a second ago you were offering to show me around! You can't judge me because of one silly mistake! What would your Grandmother say?" I snapped. He looked down, embarrassed. "Anyway, if you don't want people to think you're a girl, why don't you cut your hair?"

"Sorry, okay? I just get angry when people call me a girl." He said curtly, not meeting my eyes. He clearly wasn't sorry at all.

"Ugh." I growled irritably. "You know what? I don't need a guide after all. Especially not a moody guy like you. I thought people would be different here. But they're just the same as on Earth. Judging me for tiny little mistakes. Get over it, okay?!"

And with that, it was my turn to storm off. I was fuming. I thought guys in this world were meant to be courteous and loving.. Not moody and arrogant.. I scowled. Obviously I had the wrong story.

The End

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