Club- Keagan

'And the winner is Club Royal!' The Voice boomed, 'wait! WHAT'S THIS?! A NEW GAMER! NEW GAMER!'

I slipped out of my hiding place and bolted from the stadium, they were finally here? I ran as fast as I possibly could towards the Restart Point. Was my Dia really here?!

'Uhum... no... I'm sorry, I don't... oh my god... this is where she went...?' A heard a voice say in awe, I was close to the Restart Cage. I jumped into the air, a good few meters up, I stood on the roof a of a small stall which sold clothes for those who had been restarted.

'Hey! New gamer! New gamer! Over here!' I shouted, waving my hands over my head like a maniac, a girl with luxuriously long, silky black hair turned around. I choked on my own breath(if that was possible) as I took in the girl...

'Oh. Hiya! Are you my guide?' Asked the girl with the silken hair, 'and is this the place where that girl came, where she met her love?!'

'...You mean my grandma?' I asked incredulously, 'you mean Grandma Dia?'

'Hmm, I think that was her name!' The girl nodded, her face lit up with excitement.

'Yes, yes, now let's get you out of the Restart Point before your overwhelmed with game challenges!' I said quickly, ushering her away from the curious crowds. She did as told and span around to face me once we were in town, a big grin plastered on her exotic face.

'My name's Keagan.' She declared, 'what's yours?'

'Club. Club Royal.' I smiled, cocking my head to get a better look at Keagan's face.

'Club?' She repeated, 'that's a really weird name for a girl-- what's up?' She peered into my stony face.

'You can make it from here.' I said bluntly, turning swiftly on my heel. Nope, no way, nada. This rude girl was not, not, not my Dia. No way.

'What's wrong?!' She asked, frowning as she tried to keep up with my speedy pace.

'...I...' She looked at me encouragingly, I paused and glared at her, causing her to give me a dirty look and move back a little, 'I'm a boy!! I am a guy! I'm not a girl!!!!'

Once I'd had a good shout at her, I span around and stomped away, tugging down my top hat,  leaving the shell shocked girl standing in the midst of gamers, not caring if she was challenged.

The End

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