Keagan - The Voice.

I yawned, sitting up. I looked at my clock. 6:00. Ugh. I could hear the faint murmur of a voice. It was coming from downstairs... But that was funny. I could hear the snores of my foster parents eminating from their bedroom.. Maybe they had left the t.v on. I padded down the stairs calmly, and entered the living room.

I frowned. The telly screen was glowing bright white, and a mocking voice was coming from it.

"Hey you! Yes, you!" It called loudly. "Do you want to get out! Well then, don't pout! I have a soloution for you! And no, it ain't no goo!" There came a malicious cackle. I plucked the controller from the arm of the sofa, and hit the off button. I gulped. No matter how many times I pressed the button, the screen stayed white. There was another cackle. "What are you doing? You you're being tricked? No way, oops, don't get pricked!" I looked down. There was nothing on the floor. "Hah! Fooled you! You tool you!"

"Who - What, are you?" I asked quietly. Another gale of laughter.

"Don't you know? Wow, you're slow." It mocked. "Come to Planet 52, its perfect for you! Play some games, meet some dames! You know you want to! Go on! Do! Do! Do!" It yelled louder and louder, and suddenly a bright light was enveloping me, and I blacked out...

The End

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