Club- Hide and Seek

I sighed and decided to go for a saunter around the town for a while. It had been, what? A few months since I'd had a good walkabout. 

As I walked around the town square, the Hide and Seek stadium caught my eyes, in all it's giant glory. Now I thought about it, it had been a very, very, very long time since I played a good game.

Grinning to myself, I conjured up a trampoline(one of the few things I can create). Taking advantage of the oddly strong legs(also arms) that we, the inhabitants, of Planet 52 had, propelling myself through the air. 

I landed with a loud thud and a puff of smoke on the stadium floor.

'Andddddddd-- whats this?! We've been joined by Club Royal!!! Grandchild of Ace and Dia Royal!! Good luck gamers!!! ....' there was a pause whilst the Voice chose a number, 'number six is the seeker! You ready?!'

'Yes!' We chorused, putting our best foot forward, ready to sprint when the time came for us to hide.

'NOWWWW! THREEEEEEE...TWOOOOOOO... ONEEEEEE..... HIDEEEEE ANDDDDD SEEEEEEEEEK!!!!' The massive group of watchers which had gathered around the stadium, filling up every single seat there was to spare, joined in with the voice.

I pushed my leg back and ran as fast as I possibly could, running right for the place where my Grandpa Ace said I should hide, because he'd never lost a game('Except for bloody Dia' he'd grunted grudgingly) when hiding there.

'I'VE RECIEVED NEWS THAT A NEW GAMER WILL BE JOINING US IN THE NEXT THREE HOURS OR SO!!!' The Voice boomed gleefully. The people of Planet 52 loved having...oh my god!

I froze inside the tight spot between the two massive boulders... a new gamer... either it's a new gamer being created...or...a gamer from the wonderful "Planet Earth" Grandma Dia had come from... 

Would I meet my Dia soon...wait...what if it's a guy? will be girl... my girl. The new gamer will be my Dia! I can feel it!!!

The End

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