I sat under the large oak tree in the garden of my latest foster family's house. They were a super strict elderly couple, but I guess they were still pretty cool. They told me all kinds of cool stories.

My favorite was the one that was said to have happened around this very area, years back. It was said there had once been a girl, daughter of a magician, who had been amazing at card tricks. And one day, she had just vanished, into thin air. Some said she had been kidnapped. Some said she had been murdered. Most said she had been magically transported to a strange land where games were everything, where if you lost, you died. A day later, her parents came home to find her lifeless body lying on the floor of their living room, the hand stretched toward the t.v. She had slipped into an irreversible coma. Then one day, months after, she suddenly awoke, spewing tales of a different land, a land of games, and her love, who she had been torn away from. But he had promised to get her back, telling her to wait by the window for him. So she did. She waited for years on end, and finally, one day he came for her, and together, they stepped through the portal into the other world, and neither were ever seen again.

The story mesmirized me. Especially the fact that it had happened but a few decades ago. There had been new stories, websites, dozens of police investigations.. She had never been found. The more rational of folks said that the world she had spoken of was just a dream, and the man who came for her was a murderer, or kidnapper, and thats why she was never seen. But I believed different. I just knew, deep inside my heart, that the story was true.

And I was going to find my way to that magical game world, one way or another. I was getting out of this horrible land where I was nothing. I knew that it was in my destiny to be a somebody. Just not in this world. In another.

The End

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