Club in Shuffle

The sequel to playing for ace :DD

I sat on the wall that ran around the Royals' mansion. It was about five meters tall and people glanced up at me with worried faces as I swung my legs.

'Aww! Isn't that girl really cute?!' Some girl giggled. I felt my face redden in anger, I leaped down from the wall and stood in front of the two girls, who smiled at me despite the fury burning in my eyes.

'I...' I started, my voice shaking with anger, 'I am not a girl! I am a boy!! I'm a boy!!'

The pair looked at me, their eyebrows raised as though their thoughts contradicted what I had just screamed in their faces. One of them coughed, to hide a snicker. They both blushed and scurried away. I kept my gaze on them until they were out of sight.

It's been like this for as long as I could possibly remember. See, my grandmother was Dia Royal. Everytime her name pops up, people say the word "beautiful". My grandfather was Ace Royal, sadly, I inherited nothing but his kitty-like eyes. 

My mother, Melody Royal, is their child. She is said to look exactly like Grandma Dia. My father is the son of Joker, but who don't actually know who his mother was... he is also called Joker.

I wish I had that dashing smile of Joker's and that charming blue hair. But, it's too late to fawn after the features I lack. I look like a girl and it is unavoidable, but luckily, I have the body of a man. I would be very, very worried if that was not the case.

So, due to my famous family tree, I have gained the excellent skills of my ancestors, my grandmother and grandfathers' skills in gaming, and the Joker's magic.

I'm not very good at magic, but it's one of those things I just have to take in(my female face included). But at least I can do some magic.

I've got everything I could ever wish for(...not the girlish face...) there is only one thing I am missing. And I, Club Royal, have come to accept that I will never find my Dia. When I was a child, I told my mother I was going to find my Dia. Nothing. Never in the fifteen years I have lived, have I spotted my Dia. 

When will she show up? And is she does... no, when she does, I wonder what she will be like...?

The End

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