GREEN : the interviewMature

'So, why do you want to join the Closet Society?'  Asked a silky voice.

'I need to get something done. A very important goal that needs to be reached!!' GREEN said in a hushed but strong voice.

'Ahh. Ms. GREEN , you are the first to have the Closet Society interview, so for you to reach your goal, there must be other colours.'

'I know. I'm willing to wait. I have three years to wait!!'She hissed.

'Okay, then, can you share with us what your goal is?'

'Oh! Yes, I need to kill my divorced husbands new girlfriend. I will do whatever it takes to make that man mine again!!'She shouted.

'Okay then, your ambition seems substantial for the Society, but, are you willing to help others to reach their goals?'Enquired the silky voice.

'If it will help me win back my man. Then, yes, I will!'

There was a long pause and GREEN figited in her chair, she was now back-tracking and wondering wether she should have come in the first place. Did she really want to kill a women she didn't even know.

This is the only way you can do it. Are you a coward? Said a snide voice in the young womens head. It's okay, she told herself, It's something I need to do!!

'Ms. GREEN,  you have finished the interview and we have decided to accept you into the Closet Society. There are only two rules: 1: Never show your face to another member. and 2: You are not allowed to find out who we, the Closet Society makers are. Also, you may never quit the Closet Society, you can never' Crackle Crackle 'Result in your death!! Murder! Treason! Don't listen to them! Ahhh!! Nooooo!!!'

'W-w-what was t-t-that?' Stammered GREEN. What was that voice? It definatly wasn't the Silky Voice that had currently been talking to her. She was scared now, maybe she should leave? But... it was so dark she couldn't see the door....

'Sorry about the interupption, as I was saying: You can't leave the Closet society. The result will be your dream vanishing right before your eyes, like a clean cut to the throat. You may leave, the exit is that way.'

A light shone on the door. GREEN  stumbled out, she was shaking. She'd done it now. Her dream was now in sight. She was going to do it!!


'I think she is a excellent candidate. She has a strong will and wont be played with. But I know better, I'll bide my time, toying with her mind until I've got it compleatly.Ha! They are all so idiotic. One by one. Eh, my dear?'

'W-w-why are you doing this?'

'Because people with pointless dreams need to see that goals and ambitions are compleatly worthless.'





The End

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