Closet Society.Mature

The Closet Society is a Blackout Group. a meet up for a select few. There are seven slots in the club: Blue, Purple, Orange, Brown, Pink, Green and Red. But whats really going on behind the scenes or the Closet Society? Murder? Treason? No one knows, and anyone who tries to find out disappears and a new member appears..


The Closet Society is a meet up for regular people with big ambitions. Be it acting or murder.

There are only Seven Members in the meet up:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Red.

At each meet up, it will be pitch black with 7 coloured lights shining at a members feet. People there discuss their plans and how they will go about them. Others will propose idea's.  But, because you've joined, each meeting you will help a person get one step closer to their dream.

But, you must know, once you've been to a Closet Society meet up. . . You can never escape. There is no quitting when it comes to dreams.

There are only two rules:

Never show your face to other members (results are far beyond severe)

Never try to find out the people who run the Closet Society( May result in leaving the Society.)


The End

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