Jones SedlackMature

Character from: You've Got Male Models


Name: Jones Sedlack

Nickname: Jonesy

Sex: Male

Birthday: August 18 (22)

Occupation: Model


Eye color: Amber

Hair color: Dark brown, fairly straight with waves

Skin color: Tan

Build: Wide shoulders, tapered waist and hips

Height: 6'3

Weight: 160lbs

Other physical features: High cheek bones, wears reading glasses.

Personality: Quiet, observant, easily annoyed, guarded, stays out of groups.

Ethnic History: Turkish (Father), Czech (Mother)


Given up for adoption by his teenage mother. Managed to be adopted a couple times but ended up back in foster care.

Met Tristan at 11 years old and became friends. Got out of the foster care when he turned 18 and started traveling with Tristan around the continent. Took some courses on the trip, but hasn't pursued any extra education since.

Found his mother and learned about himself. Met his half-sister Kayla.

Got scouted at a party and decided to give it a try.


Education: High school diploma. Took some courses on physics and astronomy, but after completing them, decided to keep moving on with Tristan.

Religion: Not specified.

Parental relationship:

Olivia Sedlack: Mother - calls her from time to time.

Adam Kiraz: Father - no relationship, not met after Jones was born.


Kayla (6 years old): Half-sister, Jones shyly adores her.

Personal relationships:

Tristan Kayle: Best friend

Chris Cahill: Best friend

Occupational relationships: Doesn't bother.


Health: Fair, but has a tendency to get extremely sick when ill. Has had chicken pox before as a child.

Habits: Scowls when irritated, broods, light sleeper, runs hand through hair when thinking, seldom smiles, blunt in speech (almost monotone), finds amusement in creating gossip for neighbours,  

Smokes: Hasn't smoked a cigarette in two years.

Drinks: Rarely. Hates being drunk and hung over.

Drugs: No.


Strength: Calm, confident in himself, manages money well.  

Weakness: Tristan, not being in control.


Fitness: Enjoys sports and will play soccer and basketball, works out at the gym, likes high impact exercise.

Likes: Astronomy, sweets, reading.

Dislikes: Parties, strangers, cooking.

Favorite foods: Anything sweet, especially classic jelly beans.

Favorite drinks: Hot chocolate, and is not ashamed to ask for more whipped cream.

Hobbies: Reading, astronomy, painting (mostly landscapes).


Physical: Scowls, pinches bridge of nose when stressed

Verbal (Favorite words/phrases): "Shut up!"


Values: Trust, loyalty, honesty, family. 

Thoughts about sex: Easy to get and it's good.

Thoughts about love: Unconventional because he doesn't deem anyone else necessary in his life aside from his sister and Tristan.

View of future: The same as it is now: traveling with Tristan and just enjoying the adventures as they come. He hasn't settled in a place yet and doesn't expect to be settling anytime soon.

The End

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