Oliver HartMature

Character from: Mistaken For A God (Before story)

Name: Oliver Hart
Nickname: Ollie
Sex: Male
Birthday: April 21 (27)
Occupation: Grocery cashier

Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Dark brown
Skin color: Pale
Build: Slender to the point of almost malnourished.
Height: 5'11
Weight: 130lbs
Other physical features: Left handed.

Personality: Quiet, analytical, focused on tasks, rarely initiates conversation or seeks company. Remains mainly in his own thoughts. Looks down on others for their unhygienic habits and asymmetrical outward appearance.

Ethnic History: Ancestry from England.


Raised by his single mother. Recalls waiting for mother to come home late from work and passing the time reading and cleaning the apartment they lived in.

His mother was concerned about his hygienic habits but he brushed it aside as a stress reliever in high school.

His mother passed away from breast cancer during his senior year. During the period of her hospitalization, his habits became progressively aggressive to the point he could not stray from his routine to attend her funeral.

Education: High school diploma

Religion: N/A

Parental relationship:
Very close relationship with his mother. Never met his father.

Personal relationships:

Occupational relationships:
Mr. Anthony: Employer

Health: Prone to sickness, very limited diet. Obsessive-Compulsive.
Habits: Cleaning, tapping his fingers on objects, organizing, counting,

Financial: Doesn’t spend money on anything unnecessary so has acquired a hefty account from working.

Smokes: No.
Drinks: No.
Drugs: No.

Strength: Honest, concentrates well to tasks, efficient, comfortable with himself.

Weakness: Loses himself in cleaning, strays from company, regards others as inferior.

Fitness: None, aside from walking. (Public transportation is filthy)

Likes: The number 4, even numbers, symmetry, organization, antiseptic wipes, gloves, face masks, routine.

Dislikes: Odd numbers, germs, saliva, gum, dirt, disorder, diseases, blood, being touched.

Favorite foods: None specified.
Favorite drinks: None specified.

Hobbies: Organizing his apartment, cleaning, counting.

Values: Privacy, honesty, cleanliness, order, sense of duty.

Thoughts about sex: Absolutely disgusting.

Thoughts about love: Not feasible.

View of future:

No change whatsoever to his routine. Essentially exactly as he is now, albeit older.

The End

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