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Every great story ravels around a well-rounded, fantastic (or exceptionally boring) character. Although that's only my personal opinion.
With so many characters crammed into one space, it's time to kick my tush into gear and start getting them in order!
And maybe, from there, start writing again.
As well, as any character/person, there is always more to add.
(Also, this will contain spoilers for anything that I've written, but of course, not everything about the character. What's the

Character from: You've Got Male Models

Name: Tristan Kayle
Nickname: Tris
Sex: Male
Birthday: February 14 (22)
Occupation: Model

Eye color: Green
Hair color: Blonde, curly
Skin color: Rosy fair
Build: Toned but skinny
Height: 6'2
Weight: 155lbs
Other physical features: Prominent canines on bottom palette

Personality: Extrovert, dramatic, outwardly immature and personally guarded, sexual, creative, simple, persuasive, confident, loyal.

He is guarded though outwardly inviting. Not very many people get past his skin and know much about him.

Ethnic History: Italian and Irish ancestry perhaps.

History: Raised in numerous foster homes from the age of 11 years old.

(Mother went on to do her modeling and gave up her son so grandparents could adopt him but when his mother is overseas on a contract for 4 years, the grandparents pass away via illness and he is put in the foster care system. His mother couldn't track him and gave up easily.)

He survives through the homes and makes friends with Jones. They leave the system when Jones turns 18 and they start their own tour of the country, doing odd jobs to survive. They are scouted in a passing city so they make the decision to settle down and pursue modeling if they can.

Education: High School Diploma.

Religion: Not specified.

Parental relationship: None, even after meeting his mother.

Personal relationships:
Jones Sedlack: Best friend.
Chris Cahill: Close friend.

Occupational relationships:
Lupe: Friend.

Health: Excellent, experiences chicken pox recently
Habits: Potato chips, loud, enjoys harassing Jones, playing pranks, immature, clingy, teasing Chris, extremely spontaneous (especially with purchasing things), partying, dancing, spontaneous shopping.

Smokes: No
Drinks: Only in company, clingy-loving drunk and extremely clumsy
Drugs: No

Strength: Social butterfly, positive, adventurous, quite comfortable with himself, early riser in the morning,

Weakness: Impatient, cannot handle money wisely, cooking (regardless of what he argues), cannot trust others every easily, carnival rides (scared), children (can't handle them, a tad bit scared, doesn't communicate well),

Fitness: Works out at the gym, runs with Mr. Marbles, plays basketball with Jones

Likes: Competition, animals, talking, attention, laughing, physical stimulation (touching, holding hands, hugs), modeling, playing pranks, buying gifts, cooking and baking (although not good at it), dressing up,

Dislikes: Silence, losing, negative emotions, isolation, reading, being patient, carnival rides, children,

Favorite foods: Potato chips,
Favorite drinks: Hot chocolate,

Hobbies: Playing pranks, photography, crafts, playing with Mr. Marbles, taking walks,

Physical: Wide eyes when extremely pleased, pouts, twirls or bounces something (pencil, spoon, foot) while reading, crawling into Chris's bed,
Verbal (Favorite words/phrases): "Adorable!"

Family. Trust. Honesty. Loyalty.

Thoughts about sex: It’s great!

Thoughts about love: It exists in every woman he sleeps with but he won't let it develop because he doesn't want to trust them.

View of future:
Initially frightened of the future and doesn’t like to think of it. He felt that he just has to be able to hold on to what he has right now (Jones as his best friend) and he wouldn't need anything else. Ensure everything is constant (forevers).

That is until he meet Chris and opens up.

Now, although still unsure about the future, thinking about it is a little more hopeful and positive along with the rest of his life as he sets goals and aspirations instead of aimlessly doing jobs.

Children though, are still not on his good list.

The End

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