Rebecca - A mean girl?

Gym for nerds and losers is a worst nightmare, but for me it was one of my fortes. There were no hard equations, no essay writing and no homework. Simple to say, I was pretty darn good at it. Being head-cheerleader gave me quite a large responsibility, organising practices and making sure everyone could be at the big games where we performed. It also allowed me to wear short skirts and skimpy t-shirts without any hassle from teaching staff.

Once we'd finished our session I wandered over to the new girl, I wanted to give her a piece of my mind – letting her know how rude it was to ignore someone.

“...Me? A cheerleader? Hell would have to freeze over first!” I heard her exclaim as I came closer, I have her the once over and decided to launch into my mean-girl attitude,

“That's true. You're way too podgy,” I told her joining the conversation,

“I'm not podgy, I'm a size 8,” she informed me. She wasn't thin but she wasn't a size 8, I'd say she was a size 6! But I wasn't going to tell her that.

“Huh? No wonder...” I said anyways, I wanted to make her feel bad for ignoring me.

“I mean in UK size, I think here I'm a size 4,”

“Hmm still too big to be a cheerleader,” I scorned, “Drop about 10 pounds and then maybe.” She turned and walked off, I smiled having won the argument.

“That wasn't nice,” Fleur said coming up to me, “if you weren't as pretty as you are, you'd definitely be a mean girl!”

“Hey!” I cried slapping her arm, “Don't associate me with them,” I tossed my head towards the gang of terrifying girls, all looking as though they wanted to kill someone.

“Just saying! She's a newbie and you're already giving her a hard time, leave that to the mean girls – just ignore her.” Fleur offered, I sighed and nodded in agreement, perhaps I had been a little too harsh...

The End

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