Rowen: A Big No No

I had found gym easy considering it had been mostly basic stuff. "You run so fast" Claire said to me shaking her head seeming shocked at the whole thing. Then she gave me that look you know the one where its obvious she's gonna say something that usually ends up being something you didn't want to hear? Well it was that look. "You should try and join the squad"

My eyes widen and I held up a hand shaking my head instantly. "No way" I told her. "I mean look at me! Me? A cheerleader? Hell would have to freeze over first"

"That's true. You're way to podgy" I turned to come face to face with Rebecca who Claire had pointed out to me in gym. They were the ones who just acted like they were doing the exercise.

"I'm not podgy. I'm a size 8" I say looking at this girl annoyed. I mean I get they're head of the school but mean? I didn't put it past them but they seemed to airheaded about themselves.

"Huh" Rebecca said eyeing me up and down. "No wonder"

Then it hit me sizes here were different. "I mean in UK size. I think here is a 4" I say glancing at Claire who nods to confirm it.

"Hmm, still to big to be a cheerleader" she says. "Drop about 10 pounds then maybe"

With those harsh words she stalked off. "Muscles heavier than fat. She obviously has neither" I muttered. Claire laughed and hooked her arm through mine pulling me off towards our next class which was history. 

I was more looking for after Lunch where I had two straight hours of Drama. Apparently no one but the Drama Geeks were in that class according to Claire but I didn't really care. I was a bit of a Drama Geek in my old school and that hadn't really changed.

The worst part of my time table had to be maths where my teachers was no one other than the great Nicky! I don't know how I was gonna cope... 

The End

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