Bartholumue: Gym

Bartholumue Somerville

The first day back of a new year and what was the first lesson to ease me back into a routine? Gym. That was great... Just perfect.

I scurried quickly through the halls, weaving my way between people and making sure to keep my head down. I really did not want to have to mend my glasses while blind on the first day back. Not after the 'attempted world record' the jocks tried last year.

When I reached gym, I immediately started to think of a way to get out of having to do anything. The combination of my size, strength, height and lack of co-ordination was lethal when in a room with the jocks doing sport. I really did not want to have to spend an entire period getting in the way of the jocks playing football. I do hold my life with some respect. Besides, the coach would flatten me whether I did anything or not that lesson.

Hastily, I darted into the changing rooms and got changed so the coach would see me there and mark me in. After that, I attempted to hide in the toilets, without much success. Coach entered and shouted at me until I left.

As I walked out, all I could see was a mass of jocks and cheerleaders.


All I could hope for was to be ignored and not to be abused too badly during this period.

The End

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