Kyle: Plan

I snuck up behind Becky and put my arm around her. I laughed as she slapped after, after I kissed her of course. This was, what, the fourth time we'd gone out in four years? Defiantly a new record for me.

Walking through the halls, I could hear talk of the party. I smiled. Ah, the Back to School Bash. Every year, one of the seniors, usually a jock or a beauty, throws a party. Technically, it's an invitation only event, but nobody questions how some ody gets in. I remember one year someone tried to ask, but got such a crazy answer that everyone just gave up asking.

The big question this year was who was going to host the party. I'd thought about it, but my parents were very clear. They don't mind me going to parties, but never, under any circumstances, were they ever going to let a party happen at their house. So I just gave up asking.

There were rumors of Mike throwing the party, but I doubted it. His parents are like mine. No, I had a suspicion that Becky was going to host it, but nothing was finalized yet.

Leaving Becky with a long kiss, I headed off to gym, the one class I was actually good at. I smiled at coach as he clapped me on the back and asked if I was ready for football season. Laughing, I headed to the locker room and changed out.

Playing basketball with the boys, waiting for the girls to finish changing, I saw a new girl walk in. At least, I thought she was new. I'd never seen her before. She was talking to Claire. Claire must have been giving her the run down on how the school work. I siddled over, tossing my ball to Jimmy.

"Hi, I'm Kyle." I said, introducing myself. Claire gave me the evil eye. Appearantly, she doesn't like me.

The new girl looked weary, and simply said, "I'm Rowen."

I was was taken aback by her accent. She looked exasperated. I guess just about everyone else in this school had reacted the same way.

When I didn't reply, she shook her head and walked into the locker room. I cleared my head and jogged back over to the guys. Some of the girls had already changed out, mostly the cheerleaders. The guys and I took turns staring at them and playing ball, we were that talented.

After an hour and a half of gym class, I was off to History. That's where I got the party invite.

The End

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