Rowen: School

"Hey!" a girl jumped out at me and I nearly screamed. "Oh hush, if you cause a fuss you'll get immediatly outcasted"

I clamped my lips shut and stared at this girl with wide eyed really confused. I was struggling with trying to work out this map as it is and I swear someone had yelled my name a little while ago. I probably should of looked up but I really was focused on this map. "Outcasted?"

"Oh my gosh, you're British" she squealed. Seriously? I mean I'd heard the rumor that American's liked British accents but that's all I thought it was. A few people looked over and a guy walked passed winking at me. Ugh! So not my type. I could immediatly telly from his school football shirt that he was football jock. I really hoped this whole place wasn't going to be so cliche. "Anyway, I probably shouldn't of yelled that out and outcasted is one of them"

I followed the girls fingers to a girl walking through the groups. Everyone seemed to move in sync so she didn't come into contact with anyone. 

"Or a nerd. Everyone hates those to. You're best aiming to be a band or drama geek" the girl continued. "And my name's Claire. I'm a cheerleader. Fortunately not one of the beauties but-"

"Beauties?" I interrupted.

"Yes, that's Rebecca, the head cheerleader, along with Cassie, Jade and Fleur" she says marking them off on her fingers. "I'm a smart cheerleader though cause I'm also class president. I use to be friends with Rebecca before that"

"What happened?" I say blinking. Okay, this is way too cliche now. Its like I've stepped into one of those American tv shows.

"Oh, it was cause I revealed that I was smart. Smart doesn't fit in with that group" she says. I'd best avoid it then but I began to feel sick. You know when you get really nervous and you feel like you've eaten a piece of foul chicken. If you don't then be glad.

"That's a little harsh" I say. The girl laughs and its a sort of bubbly sound.

"That's how things go in this school. There is a status quo and no one changes it" she says. "You're names Rowen, right?" I nod. "Well, let me show you around and don't worry. Hanging with me will certainly give you a good start to this school"

The End

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