Rebecca Honey

“Rebecca! Time for breakfast!” Mom called through the intercom, I went to where it sat on the wall and held down the button to reply.

“Not hungry Mom!”

“I made pancakes!”

“You know how many carbs there are in pancakes?” I asked her angrily,

“You gotta eat you know, or you'll waste away!”

“I'll make a smoothie,” I told her, grabbing my school bag and checking myself in the mirror one last time. By the time I reached the kitchen Mom was part way through making me a smoothie, she smiled as I came in and offered me the plate of pancakes, I pushed it away. “There are people in Africa starving and you're stood there turning your nose up at perfectly good food!” She smiled handing me my smoothie,

“Mail it to them?” I offered, Mom rolled her eyes and smiled again.

“Have a great first day of school Hon,” she called as I walked out sipping my smoothie.

The first day back at school after summer vacation is in some ways like a catwalk. Everyone's checking out everyone's new outfits, tans, new haircuts and school bags. Luckily I was well prepared. I'd let my hair grow out all summer so it almost reached my hips, I'd spent a month in Hawaii so I was nicely tan and Daddy had given me a Gucci handbag for a going-back-to-school present. I got out my convertible and placed my sunglasses on my head, hitching up my bag and flicking my hair I strode up the parking lot in style. Turning at least five heads – I was counting.

“Becky!” Cassandra squealed, “You look so brown! How was Hawaii? Gosh is that bag Gucci? I saw it in the shop – it cost like $2000! I love your hair, it's so long now!”

“Slow down Cass,” I smiled rolling my eyes at her, Cassie was slowly learning. I mean she'd finally got extensions and dyed her hair from brown to a honey-blonde color. She wore an adequate amount of makeup and kept an ample eye on her diet, but of course she was going to succeed in becoming a Beauty if I was her teacher. That's what we call ourselves – The Beauties. There's me, Cassie, Jade and Fleur; the four beauties of the school. We didn't come up with the name, the Jocks did but we weren't going to complain. The Beauties stood out on top of the school cliques, the list went like this – I had made it three years ago during a dull math lesson.

Beauties & Jocks
Mean Girls
Sports Lovers
(The non-jocks, AKA swimmers, tennis, field hockey etc players)
Drama Geeks
Band Geeks

Of course there are other, smaller more insignificant cliques and, well, not everyone fits into a clique; there are the newbies who inevitably will join a group – usually the outcasts or nerds. Newbies find it very hard to get much higher than that – they try but very few bother us as the Mean Girls shun them back down to their rightful place.

“Who's the new girl?” Fleur asked joining us, we all turned our heads to watch as a girl carrying a school map ambled passed us, she had chestnut hair and a pale complexion, was wearing ripped jeans and sneakers.

“I don't know and I don't want to know, look at those sneakers – they're not even fit for sport,” Jade muttered filing her nails.

“Hey New Girl!” I called as she walked passed, she didn't stop or turn as I yelled it. “How rude!” I muttered.

“Total biatch!” Cassie agreed. The school bell went and I rolled my eyes,

“And so another school year begins...”

The End

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