Cliche Much

When new girl, Rowen, attends Ballanore High School she feels like she's stepped into a book.
Everything is so cliche and she can't keep up from the moment the status quo is set. From the football Jock, Kyle, and Barbie girl, Rebecca, to the outcast , Morgan, and nerd, Bartholumue, everyone seems to have a place in this school.

Rowen Lorenzo

I didn't want to move to the big USA. I was quite happy at home in this village sat right on the border between Wales and England called Richedsted. I don't expect you to of heard of it. I mean I probably wouldn't of either unless I lived there but, anyway, that's not the point.

The point is I was now staring out the window at miles and miles of barran land as my mum's boyfriend, Nicky, drove us to his home town of Ballanore. I bet you haven't a clue where that is either well neither do I but I do know its in the middle of no where.

I groan letting my forehead rest against the glass of the car window. "Oh, cheer up, Ro" my mother said peepily from the front passager seat. "You'll love it here. I just know it"

If she meant love as in 'I am deffinetly going to suck at history here since I know nothing about American History' then yeah! It was going to be absolutely awesome. I mean I'd never been good at History and I bet you're wondering now why I take it. Well, I actually don't want to but I chose it because honestly I suck at everything else. 

Well, I like Drama and back in my old school I was part of the Drama club and running team. Yes, I run and its probably why my body isn't podgy by now cause I do like my food as well.

"Cheer up, muffin" Nicky grins to me. Oh god, why he gave me the nickname of an edible food I do not know. Especially muffin. I mean who the hell calls the daughter of their girlfriend that?!?

Okay so Nicky does but I don't count his existence sometimes which may be a bit harsh but I'm a teenager. We all want to ignore someone.

"I'm not a muffin" I grumble and my mother shoots me this glare that clearly says 'play nice'.

Play nice? Play nice?!? He's brought us miles away from our home, my friends and out family. No way am I playing nice.


"Home sweet home" my mum sings as we enter our two bedroom home. 

"If we're moving here for Nicky the teacher then why aren't we living with him?" I question raising an eyebrow. I mean you'd think that moving across a huge expanse of water to another country would mean they'd be living in the same apartment.

My mum flushed. "You know why and I want you to respect Nicky at school you here?" she said to me strictly.

"Whatever" I muttered and head upstairs. I walked into what I had been told was my room and look around. It was a pale blue for which I was glad. At least Nicky hadn't gone decorated pink. Although I had expressed loudly how I hated pink one christmas when he's got me pink sneakers. Neither mum or him knew that they'd gone in the big a looong time ago now.

Also the fact Nicky was now my teacher... ugh! And not only my teacher but my class tutor. I don't know if I was gonna be able to survive this year.

The End

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