The GateMature

The sun reached the top of the sky when Alex awoke to music. Groggy, he looked up to see Micheles phone on the ground, playing Somebody To Love. Cracking a smile, he asked "I thought music before revolution times is impossible to come by."

Silus sighed "It is, but no matter how hard we try, something always slips the net."

Michele slightly nodded "It's easier than you think. Anyways, Alex, me and Silus took a careful look around. Silus got frustrated and asked why this catwalk even extends to the stairwell in the first place. It seems like a really bad design choice, right? I looked straight down with my flashlight and saw a tunnel with a train extending below the catwalk!"

Shrugging, Alex grabbed his ration and ripped a piece of bread with his teeth. Mumbling through his food, he asked "Okay, what am I missing?"

Michele rolled her eyes "It's obvious, isn't it?"

Silus crossed his arms and looked below "We repel down and save what little ammo we have by trying to go through the gate."

Alex swallowed "Okay, so what's the problem?"

Carefully disguising his fear, Silus said "We don't have enough rope. We'll have to jump the rest of the way a-"

"Lose our way back up" Alex interrupted.

Silus nodded, un-crossing his arms. The walls shook and dust flew into the station, carried by a roaring wind. Michele said "We were just wai-" she coughed "-waiting for you to wake up."

Out of Alex and Micheles vision, Silus was tying up a rope to the railing. Silus cursed his captors as he worked, considering ditching them. Sighing, he couldn't see how survival would be an option without them. Taking a deep breath, he swung over the railing and slid down the rope.

Alex finished of his bread and asked "Where the hell is Silus?"

A loud metal clang reached their ears. Michele reached forwards on her sub machine gun, switched the flashlight on and swung over the railing. Grabbing the rope with two hands, she said "See you below."

With that, she swung down. Alex waiting until he heard the clang and then swung over the railing, sliding down the rope. His hands were soon gripping nothing as he fell into the darkness. The next thing he knew, he was on his side, sliding of the train. Alex tried to grab anything to keep from sliding, but couldn't find purchase. His body fell beside the tracks in total darkness, bruised and battered. Groaning, he hoarsely yelled "Down here!"

It was far to quiet, however, to break through the in-human cries already echoing down the tunnel. 

The End

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