The lights flickered as a stalker above the sewers rocked an apartment building. This created an odd flickering of shadows and shapes as a few rebels covered their ears, going temporarily deaf from thunderous gunfire. The sound easily travelled throughout most of the sewer network, stirring the hornets nest. Alex yelled "JUST RUN!"

No one could hear him, however, the narrow concrete passage had assured that. Frustrated, he popped a head crab taking over a young man. He stopped struggling as the lights ceased their flickering, reducing some measure of confusion. Combine soldiers appeared at the north end of the tunnel, stumbling forwards. Alex finally started thinking straight and tapped the last rebel on the shoulder. He pointed at the south end of the tunnel, pumping his arm. She nodded, firing her shotgun over a rebel struggling with a headcrab on his head. 

Alex handed Silus his handgun, pointed at the mindless combine tot he north. Silus looked at him with loathing, nodded and started firing. Alex put one hand on the rebel behind him, pulling him towards the north. The rebel screamed "Why are we going towards them?!"

The infested combine soldiers were harder to kill, but Alex and Silus understood something. Those were Combine, they didn't go down easily. Wherever they came from, there were likely to be far less crabs than the ones following them, especially with all the gunfire. A Combine stopped and took out a hand grenade, then ran forwards. Silus aimed and shot the grenade out of it's hand. Three seconds passed. The grenade detonated behind the Combine, ripping them apart, giving partial shielding to anything south of them. Luck was on their side as Alex and Silus ran forwards with one rebel, turning left at the end of the tunnel. Alex opened a steel exit door and almost stopped in his tracks, instantly pushed aside by Silus. An abandoned train station met their eyes, with pieces of left over combine equipment laying around. Alex laughed "What are the chances?!"

Silus shook his head in disbelief, shutting and locking the door as their rebel ran through. She stopped, took a few steps forwards and leaned over a railing. They were a hundred feet above the trains, standing on a catwalk which extended to a stairwell.

Alex snatched his pistol out of Silus's hands and ran to the stairwell, descending to the stations floor. Silus looked at the tracks and laid eyes on a couple dozen people laying on the ground. All of them, infested with head crabs. He muttered "Some odds."

Alex caught sight of the infested on his way down and wondered why are there civilians down here? He reached the bottom of the stairs and stopped at a locked steel mesh door. Alex kicked the door, trying to force it open. Aiming his gun at the lock, he fired a burst. The bullets bounced of the lock, pinging across the room. The infested woke up. Stumbling forwards, they reached the mesh door. They tried to reach through with their un-naturally long fingers, a few moaning. 

Alex stepped back. He then raised his sub machine gun at them, brow furrowed. His eyes moved across the infested, catching a glimpse of a few children with the adults, barely supporting the crabs on their heads. Closing his eyes momentarily, he thought they aren't human... they aren't human, we need to get through here. He opened his eyes back up, chokingly breathed in and thought dammit, I shouldn't be feeling anything at this point! I didn't feel anything when my men died so why am I feeling something now?! Is that wrong? Shouldn't I have felt something then? Why am I now?

Alex loudly exhaled, lowering his gun. Defeated, he walked back up the staircase and stopped the rebel walking down with a question. "What's your name?"

She stood straight "Michele Dunivan sir!"

Alex nodded "Michele... don't bother going down, the doors locked. We need another way."

Michele nodded, slowly walking back up the stairs. Alex followed her to the top where Silus waited, stone dead tired. Silus was instinctuallyclutching his empty pistol holder, staring at his captors. Michele sat against a wall, leaning her head back. Alex looked down "I'll take 1st watch, I'll wake you up in a hour Michele."

They nodded and in half a minute fell asleep. Alex leaned over the catwalks railing, looking below at the trains. People stumbled about, all of them dressed in similar clothing. Six trains were near them, all of them floating on magnetic tracks. A hour passed and Alex couldn't find an exit in his sleep deprived state. He woke Michele up, told her to keep watch and passed out. His dreams were filled of the 4 legged crabs, laughing as they blocked their way to freedom.

The End

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