Rats and Face HuggersMature

Silus looked around the sewers, scrunching his nose in disgust, that rebels would happily crawl around in such filth...he shook his head. This was guerilla war that they were fighting against the combine and it was a failing effort. You could see it in the eyes of the men and the women that fought. No matter how fervently they believed in their cause or the leaders. No matter the ideals they dreamed of or how hard they fought and died, it was all for not. And now...with the towers collapse and utter melt down they would be fighting for a cause with no city.

"We'll stop here for the moment, we need to sleep if everyones going to make it out of the city alive." The group stopped on a large cement platform near where a large pipe dumped raw sewage into the floating river of stink and muck. They laid down old broken pieces of wood that could be scavenged, putting old pieces of fabric upon them. the rebels all laid down except for one of the female rebels who stood guard and Alex who was leaning on the old etched wall and thinking very hard to himself.

Silus was forced to lay in teh cold wet and smelly concrete, of couse he thought to himself. He was the prisoner. Why give the creature comforts to a man that would be disposed of later on down the road. Curling up, he tried to stretch the collar of his uniform to add a bit of fabric as he rested his he'd on his arm. His legs tucked close to his body for warmth. His eyes closed and for a moment he actually thought he'd get some rest. The idea of getting a moments peace to delectable to let go of even when he was being shaken awake by Alex. 

"Lets go, stay awake. I ..." Whatever alex was saying faded into the back ground as Silus got up, he hadnt slept in almost three days now and the fatigue was beginning to wear on him. His body protested every time he tried to move. His eyes were completely red almost blending in with his irises. Dark circles were under his eyes and the cut just above his eye throbbed, he wa sure that it was getting infected. Just another thing to add to his growing heath concerns. And not to sound like he was whining but a nice hot shower would have been a god send in this stinking hell hole of a sewer.

"SILUS!" Alex shouted, pulling the man out of his thoughts. The guard nodded nad sighed. His body posture a bit slumped as he sat up and let off a soft growl. 

"Yes, your highness." he said in a tired sneer. Anger flashed behind the others eyes but he managed to contain it terribly well.

"I was asking what you knew about the tower, why are the Stalkers and Berserkers going crazy and acting so high strung. I want answers Silus and I'd prefer them now rather than later when we die for no having proper information." Silus laughed, his voice a bit hoarse.

"How about you just leave me to wither away in this sewer and leave, I obviously don't have to power to capture nor kill all of you. You can make it out of city 17 and never have to look back." Alex snarled.

"Dammit, answer me. That's not what I asked, your surveil depends on this too." Silus looked around and tilted his head.

"Do you honestly want me to believe that Im going to survive? Are you just gonna sit there and lie to my face? The second I am no longer useful, I am just dead weight and dead weight is dropped." He said grudgingly before a noise caught his ears but it didn't seem to be noticed by anyone else.

"That's not true we could-" Alex was suddenly cut off by a loud screech and the thud of flesh against flesh as what Silus knew as a face hugger (or head crab) attacked the rebel on guard. Dropping the person as their muffled screams and struggles awoke everyone, as more face huggers attacked the group, sending them scattering and running for cover. It seemed like suffering through a sewer wasn't bad enough...they just had to get attacked by the freaking brain sucking beasts as well. Alex and Silus looked to each other looks like they'd have to work together now. 

The End

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