Evacuate City 17Mature

Sarah kneeled beside a blown out window, squinting at a pair of Hunters advancing towards a ruined restaurant. A hundred feet away, a massive Stalker scanned the street, looking for something. Frowning, she grabbed her binoculars, zooming in on the restaurant. An Asian looking man was standing with four other men, making wild hand motions. She zoomed in, biting her lip. One of the men looked like a combine... without his mask. A tall, dark rebel nodded and walked outside, taking cover by a car.

The ground shook. Sarah instictivually ducked down, tucking her head into her knees. A wall of dust blew through the window, coating her little concrete room. 

Sarah coughed, waiting for the dust to disappear. Finally, it stopped, allowing her to peek through the window again. The rebel by the car was pinned by a two legged, seven foot, robotic thing called a Hunter. It looked at him in a slightly different angle with it's three eyes and stamped on his throat, looking up for other possible threats. Another Hunter ran near to the first, scanning through the thinning coat of dust. In the backround, four men were crawling to a sewer grate, somewhat protected by the dust. But they weren't just counting on that. Heat vision is ever prevalent in all Combine machines.

In the restaurant, a home made bomb with a long fuse finally ignited, shaking the restaurants floor. The Hunters metallicly cried, both moving slowly towards the restaurant, not focusing on their flanks. This bought Alex and his crew enough time to slip into the sewers. Sarah mumbled "What the hell is going on?!"

Below ground, a short rebel named Damien furiously asked "What the hell was that?!"

Alex shook his head "I don't know."

Silus kept silent, knowing the real reason. The less Alex and his idiots knew about what was going on, the better.

They turned on flashlights and moved through the sewer one by one, with Silus in the middle. Dust occasionally fell from the ceiling, steadily increasing as they neared the end of the tunnel. Alex asked "Damien, ladder up ahead, is it our exit?"

Damien shined a light on a make shift map, stating "Yeah, that's it."

Alex nodded "Okay, I'll be the first up."

He climbed up to the top of the ladder and attempted to pry the hatch at the top open. It refused to budge. Struggling for a minute, he gave up, jumping of the ladder. Sighing, he asked "Okay, what's our next exit?"

Damien looked back down at his map, blowing dirt of an obscure section. He slowly said "Well, there's an old access route that leads out of the city, still out of Combine territory. It's pretty old, looks like it was shut down sixty years ago."

Alex nodded "Okay, let's go."

They trudged through the sewers, oblivious to the increasingly savage battle above.

The End

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