A three long legged machine with a small body towered above the streets, scanning for threats. The locals called it a stalker. 

The stalker detected something on it's heat camera. Unsure of what it was, it stooped down to the street level, looking sideways into a smashed up corner store. It recoiled slightly at the site of an APC dug into a concrete wall, wheels turning. The stalker scanned the ground- and detected footprints in the dust. Growling, it followed the tracks in a stooped stance, until a thin alleyway stopped it. Determined, it yelled in a low pitch electronic sound and jammed one leg at a time into a concrete apartment building ajacent to the alley. Reaching the top, it stooped low, scanning the ground for more footprints. Suddenly, it's heat camera detected a half degree difference in one of the footprints, which continued to another alley on the right. Excited, the stalker focused on that one set of prints, intent on finding it's owner- when several other prints with it started to have detectable heat. The stalker kept moving faster and faster then suddenly stopped, kicking up dust as it slowed to a halt. A voice registered on one of it's six mics. 

Tip-toeing, the Stalker visible shook with a tingling excitement. It's heat camera registered the hot footprints leading into a building directly below it. The Stalker jumped the alleys small gap to a nearby building, looking down at where the prints ended. A steel door, all too small for it. Angry, it charged up it's cannon and blasted not only the door, but twelve feet of wall on either side of it as well. The dust soon cleared, showing a gaping hole in a restaurant, with overturned tables, a dusty counter, rotten food and a swinging, flickering light bulb. A piece of concrete holding on to a weakened piece of re-barb dropped to the ground, clattering. 

Inside, three rebels hid behind the counter, suffocating Silus with a sweater. Silus gurgled, trying to free himself.

The Stalker jumped into the alley, scanning for humans. It looked inside the building, knocking a piece of loose concrete aside. Another section of concrete fell to the ground as it pulled itself out, scanning the alley as it let loose a metalic roar.

Silus pulled is hardest, trying to get away. Alex opened the bathroom door to the right of the room and crawled by the counter as the Stalker shook of a piece of concrete that landed on it's top camera. Silus growled, blue in the face as he struggled. Alex pushed him back and whispered "Willing to bet that it can recognize a combine without the mask?!!"

With a bitter reluctance, Silus stopped resisting, staying silent. Dust fell from the roof as the Stalker climbed the building, looking for fresh footprints. 

The End

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