Silus felt his head jar against the metal interior of the APC as the vehicle jerked wildly to the side and glass filled the air. His forehead split open and blood splashed over his vision causing a loud snarl to erupt from his throat. His hand reaching out to try and grab hold of the wheel but the drivers slumped body was in the way. The dead mans foot flooring the gas pedal to the floor while the scream of the engine created a shrill wail.  The thunder of the building walls crashing around him filling his ears, Silus just held on for dear life. 

As the APC came to rest, wedged into the building wall, Silus opened his eyes slowly. First all he could see was blackness, fragments of dust creating sudden sparkles as they drifted past a lighted crack in the vehicles metal. The soft groan of the concrete structure and crinkling bricks made him blink a few more times to restore his vision.

Meanwhile Alex looked at him and back to the busted open rear of the vehicle, a chance at freedom way to good to pass up. He knew that his men had placed the IED and thanked whoever was watching over him that the bomb didn't send a chunk of shrapnel through his head.  He tried to move through the space a hand grabbed his collar tightly and a voice growled in his ear.

"You'll be getting out of this APCwithme. Going alone will happen over my dead body." Alex smirked as he saw the large gash in Silus's forehead painting his face red. A nice wound, though he was probably lucky he wasn't knocked out cold. Though he would probably be suffering a might painful headache for a while.

"That can be arranged," Alex spat back, his face twisted in displeasure as he struggled to pull from the grasp of the combine captain, though the other wasn't about to let him go. Silus climbed through the vehicle and pushed past him, jumping out of the ruined vehicle, he drew the sub-machine gun off the shoulder strap he had on.

Swinging his aim left and right, the last thing he needed was to be plugged in the head because he wasn't being careful.  Shouting off in the distance that had once been just whispers on the wind were now growing louder. The rebels were closing in, it would only be a matter of time before they bore down on him and he was the prisoner of the savages. Such a thought made bile rise up in the back of his throat.

"Out now," he ordered, pointing the gun inside of the vehicle. Alex rolled his eyes and grumbled but he wasn't ready to try for the gun...not while Silus was alert and ready to kill within a fraction of a second. He too clambered through the vehicle. "Looks like your buddies really want you back bad," Silus said while he hopped out into the rubble, cd fragments everywhere catching the light from the sun. The soft rainbow shimmers bouncing around within the building and out onto the street, it would have been a beautiful sight if not for the seriousness of the situation.

Suddenly gunfire barked around the two, obviously purposeful misses trying to force them into a waiting ambush somewhere deeper in the city. "Hell," Alex scoffed and took the distraction of the moment to take off down the half destroyed street, a stray cat bolting past him while men shouted from the building above. Though they didn't appear he knew their voices from before he was captured and put up in the combine 'facility'.

"Hurry, to your turn just up here to your left!"

"We'll catch him commander!"

Alex paid no head at the time to whether or not his previous captor lived or died, he needed to get out of the streets and into cover. A loud series of shots echoed behind him, bullets zinging past his legs and striking the pavement in soft puffs of dust. A sudden look over his shoulder confirmed his first thought, the soldier was tailing him. Either to kill him personally or out of pure stupidity, thought to the albino it was just his duty.

Silus grit his teeth as his prisoner spun around the corner to his left, he followed, racking the bolt of his weapon and skidding around to follow. He didnt want to shoot the prisoner but if it meant stopping him from escaping one bullet to the leg would be all that he needed. The only thing he wasn't counting on was a fist to connect with his face and splayed him out on his back.

His skull striking the pavement and sending stars flying across his vision, his wound on his forehead throbbing painfully. Alex flexed his fingers and leaned over Silus quickly snatching up the weapon and aiming the barrel down towards the mans chest. The tables had turned now.

"Stay where you are, I'd hate to have to waste bullets into your sorry hide." Silus just smiled back, he wouldn't give an inch of ground to this rebel. His fingers circling around the stun stick on his belt though he made sure his movements were nice and slow, his body still. But Alex noticed, he wasn't a commander for the rebels just because he was smart. "I'd take your hand off that." Bootsteps and hurried shouts filled the air before a small group of rebels surrounded them, many smiling down at Silus and patting Alex's back.

Silus's smile disappeared and his fingers unfurled from the stun stick which was roughly taken from him by another rebel. All of them bearing down on him like dogs, holding their guns and but managing to hold their excitement under their newly returned commanders presence.

"Bind his hands, I want to interrogate this prisoner myself." One of the men nodded and they wrenched SIlus onto his feet, still wary of his crimson eyes and stark white hair and skin. As a beat up pair of hand cuffs were shown, Silus bristled feeling his vision tip abit as his headache grew sharper inside his skull.

"You're going to regret this," He warned in a dangerous low voice. Alex just nodded and ignored him. Idle threats were nothing to get worked up, he thought as they headed back to a camp deep under the city. But he'd have to keep an eye on this man... something told him that Silus could become a very useful person.

The End

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