Alex took in what the commander said and slowly sat up, eyeing the shock stick. Swallowing, he gave one last look at his torturer and slowly walked out of his cell. Silus calmly ordered "Interlock your fingers together behind your head."

Alex obeyed, walking just ahead of Silus down the narrow passage way. Silus pushed Alex to the left, into an adjacent hall. Alex took a chance, asking "Why am I leaving?"

Silus didn't reply. Both soon stopped in front of a steel door with a scanner. White light flashed over them, stuttered and went green. The door opened, allowing a bright sun to blind Alex. He stumbled forwards with a rough push, squinting. A masked face filled his vision, it's hand pushing him back. It said in an oddly modified voice "Identification."

"Alex Wright, I was bo-"

Silus pushed Alex to the side, stating "This prisoner is due for transfer."

Alex finally saw the face in full focus- not a guard, but a fully armed Combine soldier. The soldier stated "I need his identification to all-"

The guards voice seemed distant to Alex as a gate in front of him opened, allowing a flatbed truck to back into a small yard with walls on either side. Civilians fell out of the back, tumbling to the dirt. A woman screamed a soldier grabbed her son, trying to yank him out of the truck. 

Silus pushed Alex and he started walking to the front gate. As Alex walked out of the gate, he heard a scream and a boom. Another push sent Alex flying to the dirt, blurring his view of the fences on either side. He pushed himself up and kept walking until he reached another open gate with a parked heavy APC on the other side. Two soldiers grabbed Alex and threw him into the back of the truck, both jumping in with him. Silus got in the front of the APC and within seconds they were off. In the drivers seat, a soldier said "Sir, we got rebels all over the city."

Silus sighed "We'll be fine."

The APC bounced over some concrete left from a toppled building and took a right onto a small concrete bridge. Silus leaned forwards and ordered "Slow down."

On the end of the bridge were three combine behind sand bags, putting down suppresive fire on a five story apartment building across the street. Additional buildings of similiar size and dead looks inspired by the same concrete design filled four blocks either way. The APC squeezed through a narrow gap in the sand bags and took a left, accelerating across the cluttered road. The driver said "Sir, trucks in the way."

Silus's lip twitched "Ram through them."

The APC accelerated and used it's three ton mass to slam a truck out of the way, throwing the passengers forwards. Another car skidded out of the way and another. They took a right, causing a civilian to dive behind a car. Silus's eyes narrowed, something didn't feel right. He panicked and yelled, "GO, GO!"

An IED in an old backpack exploded a foot from the left side of the truck, shredding the tires. The window imploded, sending shards into the drivers head and neck. The drivers arm slid on the wheel, steering them into a music store. The front of the APC smashed through a thick brick wall and stopped. A screech filled the air from the rims scrapping rock. 

The End

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