Dakota was lying in the straw, staring up at the roof of the tent. Her thoughts had drifted to the past, and her mind was looping round and round the same scenes. She rolled over, burying her head in the sweet smelling straw. She did not want to think. She wanted to return to her natural state.

Footsteps sounded outside and she scrambled up, brushing the straw from her jacket and hair. When Jerin appeared, she was filling the feed box.

"Your two children are with the lions."

"What?" Dakota was shocked that Jerin would be so careless.

"It's alright. They took to them like ducks to water. I think the lionesses are giving them a bath."

Dakota paused for a minute, and then a laugh escaped her lips at the  thought of the two children being bathed by lions. Jerin grinned.

"Well as long as you keep an eye on them."

"I will."

Dakota nodded her head thankfully and Jerin left. Then she put down the food and went to practice Apollo for the next show. He was stood in the field, away from the others, grazing.

"Come one Apollo. Let's see how fast you're feeling today." She climbed up on to him bareback and Apollo cantered off round the field. "Faster Apollo!" She cried, and Apollo's legs sped up, the wind flying past him and blowing in to his mane and Dakota's hair. Then Dakota heard shouting, and turned in her seat. Something was happening in amongst the tents. She turned Apollo and raced him towards the fence. He leapt over, legs extended, and landed smoothly. She patted him as they raced towards the commotion.

As Apollo entered the circle of caravans, Dakota saw people running towards the tent. She turned in to the big tent area, and saw a brawl going on. She galloped between the gathering crowd to see what was going on.

The End

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