"Hey, sit down!" Alliana pulled at the two kids, they had gotten used to the troupe aand they were jumping around the bonfire trying to play with everyone at once. Alliana tried to make them sit down before they fell into the coals. Eventually she gave up yelling at them, in both English and Italian, and just sat back to watch them play.
"They're really starting to warm up to us, haven't they?" Jerin came up behind me with a bowl of the usual soup.
"I brought some dinner for them." He held out the bowl. Alliana held the bowl out to the kids, they scampered over in seconds and started eating with gusto. Alliana leaned back and closed her eyes listening to the sound of everyone around her.
"I'm going to check on the horses." Dakota stood up aand left the circle of firelight. Alliana watched as she dissapeared into the shadow of the stable tent, noticing the outline of Mr. Moon standing by his trailer. I stood to go invite him to join the rest of the group when he turned and began walking towards the fire. I sat back down, Amira sat down in my lap immediately and began playing with my hair.
"Fire hair" she said quietly, comparing my curls to the bonfire. I smiled at her, her English was getting much better, I ruffled her hair and leaned back to look up at the stars.

The End

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