Mr. Moon gazed upward into the night sky, perusing the object that was his namesake. The round, silvery orb bathed the camp in its glow, mingling with the light of the fire to create a myriad of different colours. As per usual, its beauty rendered him breathless.

He idly twirled a coin in his right hand, flicking it back and forth over each of his fingers in smooth, silky motions. It was nights like these when he felt most a peace in the world. The shining light from above, the hustle and bustle of circus life, all of it came together as one. The simplicity of it all, yet also the intricate complexities fascinated him so.

He began pinpointing the various constellations in the sky above, naming each as he came across them. Those bright little pinpricks of light added to the atmosphere he so loved. One of mystery and beauty. One that you could ponder over for hours on end and never tire. One which mankind had frequently given time to for centuries.

He turned his gaze to his circus kin, watching their joyous faces as they sat, spread around the campfire laughing and joking together. He would join them later, but for the moment, he was content as a mere observer. He was at home. 

The End

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