Circus ~ 37

Jerin was just letting the cats out of their trailer when a small voice sounded behind him.

He turned and saw the two italian kids standing in the exit, the cats stood around, looking curiously at the newcomers. One, the boy, Carlos, reached out a hand towards Prime, the male lion.

"Stop!" Jerin said, reaching out to stop the big cat from taking a bite out of the boy. "Those are feirce--"

Prime stepped closer and licked the boy from toes to hairline with his rough tongue.

"Animals." Jerin finished halfheartedly. The little girl was giggiling as she patted one of the females' heads. Prime had picked up the boy by the scruff of his shirt like a kitten and carried him over to one of the lionesses who took him and carried him off to her pen, where, Jerin assumed, she would give him a bath, cat style. The little girl was carried off in a similar fashion. Jerin sighed. He had raised nearly all the cats from kittens, and they'd grown up to love people, children in particular, and there were precious few of those in the circus itself.

Now there were these italian kids, they were the circus's kids, and everyone loved them. If the cats approved, so did Jerin. He sighed and went off to find Dakota to tell her that her charges were being well taken care of.

The End

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