The caravan came to a stop just outside the  city walls. Rome was built like a fortress, large walls around it.

"We'll camp here, set up the tent in that field there. For the rest of the day we need to spread the word that we've arrived." Bartholomew said to the group.

There was a lot of noise as all the drivers hopped off the seats of their wagons, and riders jumped out of the back of each. Shouts could be heard, jubilant and directional.

"It's good to be here at last, it seems we've been traveling for ages!" Alianna said, stretching her arms above her head. Her horse whinnied as if in agreement. "Alright boy, the trek is over," Alianna unhitched the large workhorse from her wagon and led him to the combination pasture area that some of the workers were fencing off.

Carlos and Amira ran up to the fences to see the horses.

"Wow! Look at all the ponies!" They said in Italian. "Miss Alianna, which one's yours?"

"The big brown one pulls my wagon." She said, pointing. The kids gasped at the sheer size of the large horse.

"Dakota's horse isn't that big!" Carlos said.

"That's because that was a show horse, her other horse is that big white one. The black one his what she rides for the people."

"I heard my name, are you talking about me?" Dakota came up behind the trio. Amira nodded emphatically

"We... are.. talking, um," she started to say in English, but petered off. Alianna whispered the phrase in her ear.and she finished: "about you!" Amira grinned. She was still practicing her English. Dakota and Alianna were working together to teach them, Carlos prefered to speak Italian at all times, while Amira tried English when she could. Dakota smiled affectionately at the both of them.

"Carlos, Amira," Alianna adressed the kids. "I think that Miss Dakota wants you to help her get ready for camp."

The small duo ran to Dakota's side, reaching for her hands. She obliged them and led them away.

The End

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