Mr. Moon stood outside his trailer, gazing at the vast network of spires and domes that made up the city of Rome. The white marble was dazzling in the evening sunlight. He thought he could just about make out the walls of the famous colosseum.

A wry smile crossed his lips as he thought of Maria. She would be happy to be back in her place of birth. She often spoke fondly of the place. Many of her memories were centred around the city, those before she joined him and the circus that is.

He blew out a puff of smoke from his cigar, and switched his gaze to the circus camp. Alianna was escorting two unfamiliar children through the camp towards her trailer. The children were grubby and looked as if they had been fending for themselves. It seemed as if she had picked up two more dregs of society to join the circus clan.

Chuckling to himself, he continued his observation of the camp. Some of the circus hands had started a fire in the centre of the camp. Soon enough, once the sun began its full descent, the rest of the campmates would begin to gather there for the evening meal and festivities. He thought he might join them tonight. He desired to try out a few new tricks on them.   

The End

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