"What happened!" Alianna ran forward. A dirty Italian man was lying on the ground at Apollo's feet, with Dakota holding him back from trampling the drunkard. Dakota tried to control Apollo as he danced around nervously, she stepped back a few paces, revealing the small children behind her. 

"This man came in after these kids," Dakota said, finally gaining some control. "They showed interest in Apollo, and he liked them just as well as anyone else. But, as you can see," she patted her horse's neck. "He didn't like this man at all."

"Aw!" Alianna excalimed. "These two are so cute!" She ran forward, crouching down to their eye level, it wasn't to hard, since they were standing on the railing.

"What are your names?" She asked in Italian.

"Carlos... and this is Amira." The young boy whispered.

"Well, Carlos, and Amira, let's get you cleaned up so you can watch the pretty horses some more!" Alianna started to lead them away, Bartholomew stopped her. Alianna, are you sure you want to take on the responsibility of these two youngsters?"

"Ye-" Alianna started to answer. Dakota interrupted.

"I will take care of them Bart!"

Alianna started to protest. "No, Dakota, you already take care of the horses and-" but Dakota held up a hand.

"I can care for them" She said, with finality. Alianna nodded. 

"I'll go get them cleaned up. You wont do this alone." She said, leading the children away.

"Two more misfits in my ring." Bartholomew muttered.

The End

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