Circus ~ 30

Jerin stumbled into the animal tent after the show, tired from the after-party and just ready to sleep. They'd be pushing on tomorrow, and so more work would be have to be done. The cats wouldn't like being put back into that truck. Jerin lay down on the rug inside the pen. Tonight, his companion was Prime, the leader of the Lion half of his little troupe. The lion put his big head on Jerins stomach as Jerin lay flat. He drifted off quickly.

That night, he dreamed that the circus was caught in a massive storm, and the big top was blown away, with everyone inside, with the cats all screaming and clawing at the doors of their pens.

Jerin woke up with a start, waking Prime up too, the big cat growled and moved away, putting his furry head on his paws and went back to sleep.

"Sorry Prime." Jerin muttered, rolling over then going back to sleep.

That morning, after feeding the cats in their usual sense, then getting them comfortable in the trucks, he headed for the mess hall for his own breakfast.

"Oh, good morning Dakota." He said, meeting her in line.

"Good morning Jerin." She said, holding out her tray for the man to fill. Jerin copied her and they were soon seated at a long table.

"We're moving out today." Jerin said, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah." Dakota said. "I'm nervous about how Apollo would react to being shut up again."

"Why dont you ride him?" Jerin offered. "We arent going far, just to the next town, then we're going to see the Capital."

"Ah, the Capital." Dakota smiled. "A place filled with wonders, so the stories say." She looked a Jerin. "We have to watch ourselves in big cities, if we get lost, the circus will leave us behind." Jerin got her meaning and nodded. He stood up and went to clean his plate.

The End

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