Alianna was giving Starlight a rubdown when she heard Dakota walk up.

"Hi Dakota!" She said. Dakota smiled quietly. Alianna tried to read the emotions behind it, she couldn't."I'll get out of your way if you want to be alone with Apollo."

Dakota looked surprised for a moment, then nodded, smiling wider."Thanks Alianna, I'll see you before the performance." It was Alianna turn to nod and smile this time.

"See you then." She said walking out of the stables.

It must be great having someone to talk to about everything, who would listen to everything you had to say, no matter how silly. Alianna thought. I don't think Dakota would have anything silly to say, though. She's so serious."

Walking into the ring Alianna was snapped out of her reverie by Cassidy. Alianna had bumped into her.

"Oops sorry!"

Cassidy spun around. "Watch where you're walking!"

"I said sorry, I was thinking about Dakota, she had this weird look on her face earlier. Happy, but sad too. I'm feeling like I'm missing something, something she only tells to Apollo."

"Why are you telling me?" Cassidy asked.

"You seem closer to her than I am." Alianna replied.

Cassidy just shook her head. "She hasn't mentioned anything to me."

"Alright. Sorry for bumping into you." Alianna apologized.

"Yeah." Cassidy replied, distracted.

Alianna strode to the center of the ring and began warming up. She did a few cartwheels and handsprings to start, the walked on her hands for a few paces. Upsidedown she saw Jerin walk in.

"Hi Jerin!" She called. He waved, bending sideways to look at her right side up.

"Comfy?" He asked.

"Very! I'm practicing for tonight."

"It's a bit early don't you think?" He said.

"I guess I'm excited."

"As always."

Everyone else started walking into the tent, and Alianna decided it was best to be upright before more came in. Nearly Showtime

The End

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