Alianna woke to the sun streaming through the window onto her face. She squinted into the glare. Morning comes too early. She thought. Pushing her self into a sitting position she looked around her little trailer. It was just for one person, a small bed pushed into a corner, a little table in another, with a stool next to it. Alianna was proud of it, and she enjoyed he privacy it allowed her.

Sitting up a little straighter she saw Jerin stride past her window with Lions and Tigers in tow. She went to the door to call out to him, but he was already past. Shrugging Alianna changed into a dark purple blouse and her casual pants and jumped out of her trailer and went in search of breakfast. She could smell the tell-tale scent of frying eggs and bacon near fire pit and headed there. Everyone else was already up and working, she had slept in. Alianna slumped, doesn't anyone else like sleep?

Suddenly a plate was thrust under he nose. It was Raoul, one of the acrobats in her troupe. 

"You slept in!" He teased.

Alianna took the plate and gave him a shove. "So what?"

"So," he emphasized. "You almost missed breakfast. And if I know you, and I do by the way, if there's one thing you like more than sleep it's a good breakfast. Wow Alianna, you'd better watch your habits." He added thoughtfully, giving her stomach a poke, causing Alianna to flinch and nearly drop her plate.

"Not funny Raoul," she said with her mouth full.

"Oh, that's attractive!" He teased again. Alianna ignored him this time, knowing that he could keep at it all day. Despite the teasing Raoul was one of her best friends, and her acrobatics partner, they had to trust each other, and that kept their relationship intact.

"What's in for us at rehearsal today?" Raoul asked.

"We need to polish up our act for tonight, you nearly dropped me a couple of times and I think that the final flip was a tad sloppy." Alianna informed him.

And just like that breakfast was over, and the work had begun.

The End

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