Circus ~ 24

Jerin woke to the feel of whiskers on his face. He opened his eyes to see two bright green orbs hanging in front of his face. He blinked and the orbs turned into eyes, specifically the eyes of Dusk, the elder of the twin tigers. He rolled his head to the right to see Dawn looking at him too, fixing him with the stare that only meant one thing.

"Time to get up already?" Jerin asked, not hopeful. Both tigers huffed a yes. The boy groaned and sat up. He'd slept between the twins last night, preferring the cats' warm fur to any sort of fine blankets and sheets, as he stood up, he felt a soreness in his stomach that was probably remaining from either tiger laying flat on top of him last night. He pulled on a dark blue shirt and his boots, having slept in his pants, and left the pen, leaving the door open.

"Breakfast time!" He yelled, opening each pen in turn. All ten cats circled around and sat calmly in a circle, as they'd been trained. "Alright follow me!" Jerin said and turned around to walk out of the animal tent. The cats followed him in two lines, Boss and Prime leading the females. They approached the supply man where that cats sat in a half circle as Jerin aquired the fish they would eat for breakfast. He loaded the slippery silver things into a wheelbarrow and they walked to the center of the ring in the big top, where each cat stood on their pedestals.

Jerin's big cats worked for their breakfast. He turned it into a game, treating the dangerous animals like little children. Each cat did a trick and he'd give them a fish. Each cat would generally end up with about three large fish each.

"Alright, good job!" Jerin cheered, before leading them back into the animal tent. They obediently got into their respective pens and lay down. Jerin closed each door then strode out to camp.

The End

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