Circus ~ 23

Cassidy sat down with her borrowed slate and memorised the letters in front of her. Some of them looked similar to the ones she’d created herself, but she tried to put that out her mind because it would most likely confuse her. After writing out half the alphabet in the air with her finger she began to inscribe them into a scrap piece of journal. Cassius came in and pushed her head down,

“Cassius!” Cassidy growled,

“What are you doing?” he asked coming to sit by her,

“Learning how to write,” she replied starkly, she didn’t enjoy being watched as she worked. Despite this, Cassius watched her for another twenty minutes.

“I want to learn too,” he suddenly said as Cassidy began to write over the letters she’d already written.

“Why?” she asked,

“Being literate in this day and age is an invaluable skill,”

“You want to learn how to read and write?”

“Yes I do.”

“Why?” she asked again,

“Let us not go around in a loop Cass, please, teach me what these letters mean…” So the two children sat together in their trailer for hours, practicing by writing the first half of the alphabet in the air with their fingers.

“I have a proposition for you, would you mind not telling anyone I’m learning?” Cassius asked once they’d finished,

“You won’t come to the lessons with Dakota?”

“No, I want you to teach me, you’re a good teacher.” he smiled warmly, “I want it to be a surprise! For Father… for Alianna…” Cassidy mashed her face in disgust but Cassius began to jig on the spot. Suddenly he took her own hands and began to swing her around the small trailer.

“You are queer Cassius!” Cassidy grinned,

“You love me though, don’t you?” Cassidy rolled her eyes and dropped Cassius’ hands.

“I’ve got to go,” she smiled and walked to the door of the trailer,

“Cassidy?” he called, "Do you not?"

“Yes, I do love you Cassius, very much!” she smiled again,

“I love you too,” he grinned and collapsed on the bed out of breath, “you’re my best friend and nothing will ever change that.”

Cassidy didn’t reply, instead she turned and jumped out the trailer, but somehow, sadly, she did not believe Cassius’ last words.

The End

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