Alianna lay on top of the cab of her truck, looking up at the stars. She was quiet, unusual for her, but since everyone else was asleep, she made an exception to her usual behavior.

Opening night had gone precisely as planned, no hitches, all the acts went wonderfully and were received well by the audience. Alianna's heart pounded as she remember the thrill of riding her horses, and the audiences applause for her acrobat troupe. She sighed, sitting up, knowing that if she didn't sleep soon, she would be bone-tired in the morning. As she hopped down from the cab and headed to her trailer she spotted a couple walking away from the circle of trailers. They were holding hands and stopped every few meters for a kiss. Alianna didn't want to intrude on anything private or personal, but she was curious. There are no secrets in a family like the circus'. Torn between her curiosity and her exhaustion, Alianna stood between her trailer and her truck for a long time, until the amorous couple disapeared over a rise in the landscape.

Bouncing on her toes she tried to make a decision, she debated for several  minutes when she hear whispering behind her truck.

Why is everyone still up? she thought, tip toeing behind her truck to see what was up. It was Cassidy and Cassius.

"Cass?" Alianna stage whispered. They both looked over. "What are you guys doing? it's late!"

"We could ask you the same question!" Cassidy snapped, still quietly. Cassius draped his arm over his sister's shoulders, whether protectively, or restraining Alianna couldn't tell. 

She help up her hands, not wanting to fight in case Dakota was around, Alianna knew how Dakota felt about the animosity towards herself and Cassidy, though it was inevitable, in their situation. Alianna the orphaned, like many others, child taken in as a ward by their father until she could stand on her own, which started this year, when she got her own trailer. They had been rivals since they were small, and Cassius' infatuation sure didn't help. It also didn't help that Alianna actually liked it.

"Let's just go back to bed guys, I'm sure if something's up, we'll hear about it soon enough." Cassius said, the voice of reason. Resigned Cassidy and Alianna gave up the urge to fight, and headed in their separate directions.

The End

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