Circus ~ 17

"The circus is a fine thing." Jerin said, affecting an air of high aristocracy as he produced a bottle of champagne to the circle gathered around the party."To a fabulous opening night!" He raised the bottle high and popped the cork, fizzy liquid went everywhere and several lept forward to catch it in their mouths. He poured everyone some and they all drank to the toast.

"And to our troupe." The ringmaster said, standing. "May you all be happy and lucky for the rest of your days." Everyone drank again and the bottle was quickly finished.

Alliana smiled and beamed her happiness around, Jerin smiled. He loved watching her perform, there was just something about her smile, her body language, even when sitting and talking to friends. She was animated and happy all the time.

Jerin kept his eyes on her as he watched her scoot a little closer to Cassius and a pang of jealousy shot through him. To take his mind of things, he pulled out a beat up brass trumpet from its case and began to play it softly, first a slow, minor version of the circus theme, then it sped up and switched to major as he put more volume into it.

It was well known to the circus folk, and always resulted in other's joining in, either with their voices, other instruments or their feet. The dance that went with the song was as wild as the music that accompanied it, a dance only acrobats and trick riders could do, with leaps and bounds and spins and there was a part that involved dancing on ones hands. Finally the song wound to a close and everyone went to bed, another day and another performance done.

The End

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