Circus ~ 15

Cassidy sat beside Cassius as they watched the show together, they didn’t usually watch it every night as after ten years the acts became a little repetitive, but the opening night always had a sense of thrill which was practically tangible.

The audience's applause reminded Cassidy that it was in the interval. Cassius stood up and stretched, she watched him curiously as he left his seat and quickly dived behind the curtain which was hiding a tunnel leading to backstage.

“Excuse me Miss, you dropped your band,” a small middle-aged man handed me Cassius’ leather band which he wore round his wrist. Cassidy smiled and took the band, getting up she followed Cassius’ path and found her way backstage.

Dakota was smiling and laughing with a group of other circus folk, “Have you seen Cassius?” she asked fingering the band,

“He went outside,” Jaiden told her, he was an elephant handler. She squeezed between the gap in the tent and wandered around the outside of the tent quietly. She halted as she noticed two silhouettes against the moonlight; Cassidy pressed herself against the tent and watched quietly. One was a man and the other a woman, the man pressed the girl against the tent and he kissed her passionately. He didn’t look like Cassius but Cassidy couldn’t be sure, they were too far away – anyway, who would Cassius be kissing? She was pretty sure she'd seen Alianna backstage - or had she? The lovers pulled apart and Cassidy felt she’d been spying too long, the second half was about to commence, she darted back into the main tent and resumed her post in the front row. Moments later Cassius sat next to her and their father entered welcoming the next act, the whips.

“Where did you go?” Cassidy hissed,

“Outside, I was getting hot,” he replied under his breath, Cassidy narrowed her eyes and handed back his leather band. “Thanks,” he noted as he tied it around his wrist. Cassidy didn’t reply as they watched the second act, she wasn’t happy about being lied to but she had no proof she had been. Perhaps it wasn’t even Cassius - it could have been anyone. But Cassidy knew one thing, Alianna wasn’t as interested in Cassius as he was her and Cassidy was one of the only people who knew why. 

The End

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