Alianna bounced on her toes, excited for her performance. She was all done up in her sparkly makeup and matching sequined top. Her hair was done up in a tight bun to keep her hair out of her eyes. She flexed her arm muscles. She had to stay limber for her act.

She heard movement behind her, it was Dakota similarly done up in sequins and sparkles, and leading her huge black horse.

"Hello Dakota, is Apollo excited?" Alliana asked. Dakota ran an affectionate hand through her stallion's mane.

"Opening night is his favourite. He has a fresh audience to perform to." She grinned. Alliana grinned back and went to go stand with the rest of the acrobats.


All of the acrobats ran flipped and tumbled into the center ring. Alliana and two other girls flipped up onto the shoulders of some of the men and began flying all over the place. From others' shoulders to the trapeze hanging from the roof back to the floor and again.

The group finally finish their act and bowed out to roaring applause. Cassidy clapped quietly, just to be polite.

"Cass, you can't hold the whole act against her!" Cassius said when the applause quieted down. Cassidy sat silently. "Show off." she thought.

Alliana ran out of the ring, pulling pins out of her hair,  getting ready for her next act. on her way out she bumped into Jerin, already in the tight black trousers and loos white top for his act.

"Jerin! what did you think of my act?" She said, over-loud.

"Shh, Alliana you're too loud."

"Sorry" She grinned. "You look dashing."

Jerin's ears turned red as he fought a blush. "well," he said, clearing his throat. "You know how it is, us tiger trainer's have to look well, dashing." Alliana just grinned and dashed away for her costume change.

The End

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