Mr. Moon woke to the sound of people hurrying about outside his trailer. The setting up of the circus tents had begun. Mr. Moon knew he was not needed to help set up until they were moving the seats inside; another while away yet.

He sat up onto the edge of his cot, and glanced across at where Maria, his assistant lay still in a slumber. Her auburn hair strewn about the pillow straying from each and every inch of her scalp was wild. Maria had been his companion for ten years now; having fled her former fiancé and nearly been killed in circumstances to gruesome to mention. Mr. Moon had saved her life, and their friendship had blossomed from then.

Mr. Moon suspected Maria harboured some feelings other than friendship toward him; but she would never admit it. He did not fell anything beyond friendship towards her. Yet in the morning sun as it trailed through a gap in the curtains, she radiated beauty. Mr. Moon shook himself, what was he thinking?

As the thoughts left his mind, a shape buffeted off his chest, winding him and knocking him onto his back again.

“Ooooh oooh ooh ahh ahh”. Bobo the monkey bounced up and down next to Mr. Moon. Aged 12, he had been Mr. Moon’s best friend since the ay of his birth. Bobo’s mother had been performing alongside Mr. Moon previous, and for a time both she and Bobo did, until her death. Now, Bobo and Maria were his performance companions.

The monkey ran in playful circles at the edge of the bed, and jumped around, using his tail for balance. He screeched again, waking Maria and forcing Mr. Moon out of bed. A smile played across his lips as he watched Maria groggily realise what had woken her.

“One of these days, I kill that monkey” she joked, her Italian accent evident. Mr. Moon pulled on a black shirt and pants, and then pulled his robe on over it. He turned away to give Maria some privacy to change.

He gestured toward Bobo, and the monkey ran and hopped onto his shoulder. Together, they moved outside into the commotion that was set up day. Bartholomew saw them come out and came over.

“They’re almost ready to move the seats in Moon. Your timing is always right”.

“Impeccable timing, one would say”. Bartholomew nodded.

“You know what to do”. The ringmaster scurried away and berated other circus hands who were lazing about. Mr. Moon and Bobo moved through the camp and to the main tent. They entered through the flap, and took in the glory that was the circus ring in front of them. Circus hands bustled about, each doing their bit to set up for the nights ahead.

One side of the tent remained open to move the chairs through. Mr. Moon and Bobo headed over and began their job of helping move them to surround the centre ring.


As they took a break from their tribulations for dinner, the circus folk sat conversing, predicting how the first night would go. The first was always the toughest. Jerin Fabrisio, the lion tamer approached Mr. Moon.

“You lookin forward to tonight’s performance?” he asked.

“I highly anticipate each performance we partake in, Jerin. What are your own expectations for tonight?”

“I think it will be a good one. The people in the camp appear to be very excited about it, and usually that excitement brings a great performance”.

“Indeed it does. The thrill of performing is a powerful one”. Jerin nodded.

“I must see the lions are alright. Good talking to you Mr. Moon”. Mr. Moon nodded and watched as the other man walked away.

An air of excitement and tension pervaded the camp. Everyone was filled with the usual pre performance anticipation. Tonight was going to be an interesting night. 

The End

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