Circus ~ 8

Cassidy dropped down onto a wooden log and pulled her laces tighter on her brother’s old boots. She reached into her pocket for a quill she’d found on the ground and dipped it in her prize pot of ink. Carefully scribing down the letters she began to write – Cassidy was illiterate but intelligent, she knew not how to read but she’d created her own language with symbols only she could decipher.

She had been writing a diary ever since the age of eleven, she had gone through seven pots of ink and countless pages of paper. She tried her best to look after the quills but they easily snapped or got lost. Cassius sat down next to her and watched her writing, she didn’t care – he couldn’t understand it.

“You know Dakota can read and write, why don’t you ask her to teach you?”

“She’s so busy with the horses and everything,” Cassidy sighed,

“She’s not always busy, look at her now!” Dakota was poking something on a stick close the camp fire, it looked like some bread. “Shall I ask her for you?” Cassius stood up and Cassidy grabbed his leg,

“No!” she warned pulling him back down,

“Why not?!” he exclaimed,

“It’s…embarrassing!” she hissed,

“It’s not Cass! Hardly anyone here can read or write, it’d be useful to have another person who could!”

“I’ll ask her later,” Cassidy stated, Cassius nodded happy with his outcome and passed her a hunk of bread. “How was your day?” she asked eating the stale food.

“Busy, I’m so tired right now I think I could fall asleep right here, right now!” Cassidy smiled at her twin brother and he smiled back. They shared a bond which most people couldn’t relate to; it came from deep within their souls – both of them blamed it on their being twins. Cassius balanced his beer on his knee and wistfully watched Alianna across the circle, she was laughing with the other acrobats. Cassidy pursed her lips disapprovingly and nudged him gently,

“What?!” he cried catching his beer before it fell on the floor. Cassidy’s eyes flicked towards the red head and back, Cassius tried to suppress a smile but failed.

“She’s not a nice person.” Cassidy told him warningly, Cassius took a swig of his drink and then crossed his legs casually.

“I know you two do not get on, but I’m not going to let that stop me…”

“She is pretty,” Cassidy allowed; her curly read hair was the same length as Cassidy’s and her figure was elegant and slight.

“She’s beautiful,” Cassius sighed. Alianna’s eyes met Cassius’ across the circle and she smiled cordially at him, her big green eyes warming slightly.

“Show time!” Cassidy grabbed Cassius’ arm and heaved him up, they walked to the main tent together and took seats amongst the growing crowd.

“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!” their Father shouted. The audience began to clap and the show began.

The End

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