The first night is always the hardest. Jerin thought as he went back to settle the big cats in for the night. They didnt like riding in the big trucks, all squished together and bumping into each other every time there came a large bump in the road, which was often. They always howled and yelled, sounding almost human.

Jerin patted their big furry heads now, leading them one by one out of the truck and into the holding pens for the night. The floors of the pens were covered in newly cleaned rugs, so that the tigers lay on them and looked like sultans from the orient. Two cats to a pen, mates together, they managed to get along.

Jerin smiled at the biggest one, the one named simply Boss, who lounged in the far back of the truck, three smaller, much smaller, tigresses lay around him. He was old, and used to the movement of the truck, and so seemed pretty calm as Jerin approached him.

"C'mon you." Jerin said, gesturing at the big cats pen. "Time to get to bed." Boss just yawned and harrumphed. Frowning, Jerin made a move towards one of the females, and all four of them growled. "Fine, you four can stay in here all night, with no dinner." He began to head back outside, there was the sound of movement behind him and Jerin grinned to himself. Works every time. He thought, and laughed.

The End

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