A short redhead girl ran up to Dakota, leading a brown haired young man by the hand.

"Dakota! Thanks for taking care of Starlight for me! you really didn't have to, I was going to get to it. I was helping Jerin with the tigers, they were restless, and he's the slowest driver ever!" Alliana flopped down next to Dakota, letting go of Jerin's hand. Jerin sat down as well, a bit more calmly. Alliana leaned forward, chattering nonstop to Cassidy and Cassius, on the other side of Dakota.

The firelight flickered eerily across the troupe's faces, all grinning, sharing in the meal with the large family-like group. Everyone seemed at ease, each with their own speciality, which they would display the next evening, tomorrow would be spent setting up the tents and making the animals comfortable. After the initial set up rehearsals would take place, then another communal meal, then the performance.

Alliana started daydreaming about the next night. The Ringmaster would step into the ring and shout "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!" Alliana's heart started pounding with excitement.

"I can't wait until tomorrow night!" She squealed.

"Don't forget," Jerin said. "We have to work all day tomorrow first." He grinned sideways at Alliana. she shoved him lightly.

"Don't be a downer"

The rest of the group watched the encounter with little interest. It was the same in every new town, the same dialogue every time. The Ringmaster stepped into the ring of firelight.

"It's getting late, and you all know how much work we have to do tomorrow," groans all around. He laughed. "Don't complain, I know you all love it! So lets all get some shuteye to be ready for the day! shall we?" He clapped his hands theatrically, and the troupe started cleaning up from the meal and heading back to their trucks for the night.

The End

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