Name: Estropié

Age: 16 1/2

Race: Crippled Half-Siren

Bio: Estropié was a half Siren, his mother placing him on a sea captain's boat and blessing him with a magic to help him. The sea captain raised him with a love for sea's and taught him craft. He learnt how to make jewels from shells, to help with his "Grandfather"'s work and "Grandmother"'s care. He lived happily for a long time . At age 12, he lost his grandfather and grandmother and kept a promise to always remember them by the sea. He set sail by himself for the first time on his birthday. A storm crashed his ship against shore rocks at age 13 and he lost both his legs. Taking him to the doctor, he was sent out with a wheelchair and on his own. He stayed by the shore and sang his special song. Circus de Sang found him a couple days after, hearing his song. He joined and became a helpful part of an act. He hopes to learn to walk again, a dear friend helping build mechanical legs with another friend.

Physical Appearance: He's got a sea foam green, short mohawk and his skin is a beautiful creme. His eyes are swirls of ocean colors, and has pointy ears. He has a sailor's outfit, though his pants are cut short on where his legs were cut off. He has a black wheelchair and carries a backpack with him. He seems to wear a smile wherever he goes, always looking to the sea for inspiration. 

The End

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