Name: Béni 

Age: 19

Race: Human Experiment

Bio: Béni was a boy of good faith. He believed hard in angels, demons, and love. He had a good faith in his family and friends, but not normally other people. He grew up with very religious parents who told him to fear God. Of coarse he didn't. He didn't believe in a higher power than himself because he made his own decisions. Though he did believe that angels watched over you, guiding your pathway. His, he believed, was Saint Michael. Yet that was his opinion and he respected others who believed other wise. One day at age 16, he was sent to a lab for "not following in God's prayer" and was treated fairly. He didn't have much clothes besides his jeans and black converse. He overheard from one of the other patients that the scientists had found a new conduction with metal. They had replaced properties in metal to have it float. Once being called to stand in a row, they asked if any of the patients had a strong faith. He was the only one to step forward. Taking him, they inserted mechanical wings into his bone. They then sealed his flesh and had him open and close them. It was excruciatingly painful for Béni, having a heavy yet light load on his back. Seeing this as a chance to escape, he flew through the roof and rested at an empty road. He found a van with a large trailer and knocked on the van. A girl with sparkling, watery hair and bright eyes answered. He blacked out and the people of Circus de Sang took him in. They recruited him and he was never happier. 

Physical Appearance: His name expresses him, having a beautiful face and heart. His hair is a bright carrot, touching his shoulders. His skin is very pinkish, getting sunburnt easily. He's got freckles on his cheeks and has dark blue eyes. His wings are a copper color and made of clockwork. He's well built for his age and wears nothing but what he left with, and keeps gauze on his hands.  

The End

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